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Whole Beef Package Deposit

Whole Beef Package Deposit

Regular price $1,000.00 USD
Regular price Sale price $1,000.00 USD
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Deposit due today: $1,000

Price/lb: $10/lb with FREE DELIVERY

Total: $4,000 - $4,400

Total due at fullfilment: $3,000 - 3,400

Our whole beef is approximately 400 -440 lbs. If you have a large family or are the entertaining, barbecuing type, this is the package for you! This would also be a great option if you have family members to split this whole beef with, that way everyone gets our great deal. 

THIS IS A DEPOSIT ONLY After processing, the final amount will be calculated and an invoice will be sent prior to delivery.  

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  • Ground Beef

    220 - 240 lbs ground beef, packaged in convenient 1 lb packages. Perfect for grilling up burgers or making the family favorite casserole! 

  • Savory Cuts

    Including roasts, stew meat, short ribs, and minute steak. Perfect meals for the crockpot on those busy weeknights! 

  • Mouth Watering Steaks

    125 - 140 lbs of top notch steaks including NY strips, ribeyes, filet mignons, and sirloins. For those special occasion nights or if you are like us we crave steaks any night of the week, no matter the occasion!

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Above are estimates of what you will receive in a 1/8 package, subject to change depending on the final weight of the animal. You will only be charged for what you receive.

  • You buy it, we raise it!

    Placing your deposit puts your name on one of our animals. Now all you have to do is sit back, and let us do what we know and love to do, raise delicious beef! We will give you updates from our ranch and will let you know when your beef is ready for shipment.

  • Get your beef!

    Your beef will be harvested at it's peak starting in April and delivered right to your door, for free! Your package will arrive at your doorstep in convenient, professionally packed frozen packages.

  • Enjoy!

    This is your time to show off your cooking skills and wow your friends and family with the best beef! With the varitey in our packages, you will be able to keep meal time exciting and something to look forward to. You get our 100% guarantee that everyone will love this beef!

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Our Promise

100% satisfaction guaranteed. From our family to yours, we guarantee to provide you the highest quality, tastiest beef you will encounter! You will never have to worry about where your meat is coming from as Schroer Cattle Company Beef is 100% born, raised, fed, and cared for on our ranch in South Central Nebraska. We hope you enjoy our beef just as much as we do, but, if for some reason, you are not 100% satisfied with our beef, we would be happy to make things right.

Free Delivery

All bulk packages are delivered free to your home, if you live in the state of Nebraska.

Frequently Asked Questions

What breed are your cattle?

Our cows are a Hereford/Angus cross. We like this cross because we have the milking ability and the finishing quality of the Angus breed but also have the docility of the Hereford.

What are your cattle fed?

Our cattle are fed a variety of things depending on the time of year. During the spring and summer months they spend their time in the pasture grazing. During the rest of the year, they graze corn stalks and are supplemented with alfalfa/grass hay. When it is time for finishing, they are fed a corn protein mix to get the tenderness and marbling we all enjoy. Our operation also consists of crop production, so we are able to provide everything “on farm” that they need year-round.

How much freezer space is needed when I purchase bulk beef?

Our 1/8 beef is about 50-60 lbs and would require about 2 cubic feet of freezer space. This would be equivalate to your refrigerator freezer.

Our 1/4 beef is about 100-120 lbs and would require about 4 cubic feet of freezer space. This would be equivalate to a small deep freezer.

Our 1/2 beef is about 200-220 lbs and would require about 8 cubic feet of freezer space. This would be equivalate to a medium-large deep freezer.

Our whole beef is between 400-440 lbs and would require about 16 cubic feet of freezer space. This would be equivalate to a large deep freezer.

What are my options for receiving beef (pickup, delivery, or shipping)?

We offer free shipping to your home if you live in the state of Nebraska. We will also accommodate free delivery depending upon location. Local pickup is welcome!